Gordon Ramsay – New Sites and Experiences with a Longstanding Partnership

We have been providing the full MAV music solutions to Gordon Ramsay for over 5 years, complementing the business’ diverse array of restaurants with unique music playlists and live DJs to help them elevate their night-time offering.

This year saw the opening of multiple new sites throughout London and the United Kingdom, and we have proudly and exclusively provided music supervision to all of their new sites.

These included music profiles for the new Street Burger and Street Pizza chains, with their post-industrial stylings, graffitied walls and contemporary locales. We complemented this with a contemporary, urban soundtrack, matching this shift in demographic for the Gordon Ramsay group. We also designed music briefs for three exclusive restaurants at the Savoy Hotel; The River Restaurant, Savoy Grill and Savoy Fine Dining; where it was important to create an exclusive, and decadent, feel to the music profile, which was replete with classic, piano led, and instrumental jazz numbers. And we also crafted a fun, eclectic soundtrack to the Gordon Ramsay Academy in Woking, where customers can go to learn the Ramsay way of cooking. We also continued to provide for new Bread Street Kitchen restaurants across the country.

Our weekly DJ residencies have also continued at the likes of Lucky Cat, the Bread Street Kitchen sites, Street Pizza and Street Burger venues, and acts have included the finest up and coming female DJ talent in London, and add an unequivocal musical edge to their nights.

This has all been supported by round the clock technical and musical assistance from the MAV team, and our continuing growth with the Goron Ramsay group is another reason it remains one of our most long standing and successful partnerships.