MAV announce partnership with Birch Community to provide music for their site in Selsdon!

MAV are thrilled to announce their partnership with Birch Community. This exciting new project sees MAV providing music solutions to their vast, 300 acre site in Selsdon, deploying bespoke playlists in their four restaurants, two bars, co-working space, outdoor Lido as well as a health & fitness suite.

The concept behind Birch Community in Selsdon is to provide much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of inner city London. Offering guests the chance to connect with not only one another but also with the natural surroundings that are found within their beautiful gardens and forests. Covering over 200 acres of land, this site is one of London’s largest rewilding projects with produce being grown and reared on site. Sebastian Cox who oversees the rewilding project has said that “everything we grow (including trees or shrubs we plant around the gardens) should have a use – for humans as food or pollination or for wildlife and biodiversity by being native and wild”.

Birch Selsdon asked for music that aligned with its mission to be a space for relaxation and recuperation. With a mix of contemporary soul, R&B, funk and reggae all having a place within each of Selsdons eight areas, we are overjoyed to enhance the experience for guests and look forward to many more years of collaboration with Birch Community.