Gordon Ramsay is one of the world’s best known chefs, and outside his television work runs fourteen award winning restaurants around central London.

Each of these sites has its own unique brief, sometimes including different zones within the same building, to reflect the different character and personality of each restaurant and space within it.


MAV Music were first invited to work with the Gordon Ramsay Group at the opening of Union Street Café and bar in 2013, and following our popular soundtrack here were asked to take over the entire estate, working with individual managers to get a sound appropriate to their venue – a journey that has taken us from 60s Italian classics, to vintage jazz all the way through to emerging indie bands and the soul and funk heroes.


Like their menus, the soundtrack at Gordon Ramsay never stands still and we have consistently delivered a reliable but diverse soundtrack for a client who never misses a beat.



London House: The Highlights
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Modern, Urban Grooves


Funk, Soul and Rarities


House and Electronic



Around twenty different musical profiles were created for the Gordon Ramsay Group. These are all updated quarterly and we have also worked with the marketing team to ensure that music offering any new or rebranded sites are both on-brand and specific to the theme and character of each restaurant.


Following our successful music curation, the group asked MAV Live to curate DJ’s for the relaunching of Street Pizza. We provided an excellent all-female lineup to a short deadline, also curated the music policy, provided custom pre and post DJ mixes and helped to promote the nights through our social media channels.

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