MAV Music Launches Spotify Codes For Business!

Ever been in a restaurant or bar and liked a song playing but you couldn’t find out what it was? That isn’t a problem anymore.

MAV Music clients can now use Spotify Codes!

As much as Shazam can do the majority of the work for us – with a lack of signal this becomes impossible, thanks to these cards, a lack of WiFi or data is no longer an issue.


The Spotify Codes have been created to look like an equaliser, going into the Spotify app and scanning the equaliser code will take any customer straight to the playlist chosen by the business. This gives customers the ability to take the music home to reminisce the atmosphere and memories they made, but it’s also great for building a brand identity with newer customers. As many know, the music played in a business is crucial for returning customers and creating a positive brand associated through easily accessible is a fantastic way to encourage repeat visits and buzz.