Transform Your Retail Space with In-Store DJs


Music has the power to transform your retail space into an unforgettable experience. Imagine the excitement of a live in-store DJ curating a dynamic and captivating atmosphere that evolves throughout the day, creating a unique brand experience for you and your customers in real-time.


At MAV Music, we specialise in providing exceptional music solutions to retail clients across a range of industries. Our talented live DJs craft stand-out musical experiences that will attract new customers to your store.

DJs for Retail Stores


Our talented DJs possess the expertise and skill to curate the perfect playlist in real-time, tailoring the music to match the vibe and preferences of your space and customer base. They go beyond simply playing songs; they create an immersive experience that engages your customers and enhances your retail brand.


From upbeat and energetic tunes that create a lively shopping atmosphere to mellow and soothing melodies that promote relaxation, our in-store DJs know how to strike the right balance to enhance the ambience of your store. They have the ability to adapt and respond to the flow of customers, creating a seamless musical journey throughout the day.

DJs for Retail Stores


Having the right background music is increasingly important for retail brands. But if you want to take your store to the next level, then nothing beats the excitement and the energy of a live DJ – handpicking tunes and responding in real-time to create the perfect atmosphere for your space and customer base. .


Our DJs work to get a deep understanding of your brand, in order to provide a live soundtrack that elevates the brand experience in your store. MAV live DJs are musical experts and crate diggers, working from across genres to bring outstanding music to your business and your customers.

Hire In-Store DJs from MAV Live


Get in touch to hire an in-store DJ from MAV Live. Our roster includes some of London’s finest DJ talent – professionals who as comfortable DJing at the club in Ibiza as they are in your store.


MAV Live provides an exceptional opportunity to elevate your in-store experience with live music collaborations. Our team of highly skilled DJs and musicians offer a dynamic energy that will add an extra layer of vibrancy to your store atmosphere. Whether you want a guitarist, percussionist or saxophonist, we can tailor our services to suit your specific needs.