Trafalgar Tavern

Overseeing the Thames with a beautiful view of the skyscrapers across London, the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich has recently refurbished and reopened. The refurbishments modernised the inside of the building to look more open and fresh, keeping the beautiful old-style building the same on its outer walls to recognise the time the tavern has spent on Park Row, Greenwich. MAV Music has recently installed a unit to play music all through the tavern, it features indie and rock classics to keep a happy, yet uplifting vibe for the bar. Also, on the 18th June the CEO of MAV Music, Mikey Vettraino played a DJ set at the tavern for the Pearl Jam pre-party, Pearl Jam played at the O2 Arena that night. It was a charity event for Wishlist Foundation and had a great turn out, with a mixture of Pearl Jam classics and uplifting house music, the tavern had tons of Pearl Jam fans rocking out and partying before the show – not to mention the first England match of the World Cup took place shortly after, the Trafalgar Tavern was packed with excited fans!