Lumee Bahrain

A contemporary Arabic soundtrack for Lumee’s high-end eateries

MAV have expanded into Bahrain, providing music for Lumee’s chain of three high-end eateries.

Lumee, which is Bahraini slang for lemons and limes, captures the essence of Middle Eastern street food in a café-deli setting. They mix vibrant flavours and colours of Bahrain and the Gulf in a selection of classic and contemporary dishes, from shakshooka, to Bahraini tikka lumee and legendary street grills.

This is by no means MAV’s first time working in the Middle East, where we already provide playlists for wagamama. But we’re delighted for Lumee to be our first site in Bahrain specifically.

The playlist we created for Lumee is almost all Arabic music from 1970s through to today. The rest is made up of Western tracks that feature Arabic instrumentation and sounds.

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