14 HILLS – Climbing to the Top of Central London

Anyone who has been to 14 Hills will be instantly taken in by its remarkable panoramic views of the city, superb attention to detail, floral surroundings, and its high-end cocktails and food. As such it is a brilliant post-work hangout space above the city where you can watch the sunset from the rooftop garden, through the floor-to-ceiling windows, chat business or just chew the fat.

This is matched by delicious cocktails from the oval shaped bar, which are as artful as the decor, and a modern British menu that is complex, ambitious and a little bit lavish, making 14 Hills perfect for a special occasion with a group of friends.

For the music, we decided to go with classic upbeat modern pop and nu:jazz in the day, along with some low-key hip-hop instrumentals, and for the evening and bar area, selected obscure, melodic house tunes with some worldly flavours.

All this makes 14 Hills a climb worth embarking upon!