34 MAYFAIR AND BALTHAZAR – Two More Sites with Long-Term MAV Friends Caprice Holdings

Ever since introducing the first music into The Ivy, we have developed a long-standing respect and upheld an excellent relationship with the Caprice Holdings Group, which has also seen us provide the music for the family-favourite institution Bill’s.

More recently, we have been entrusted to provide our sonic magic to both 34 Mayfair and Balthazar, two of the classiest and coolest institutions in Central London. 34 Mayfair is an ode to delicious meats and fish, procured locally and cooked on an imported Argentine grill, and with an eclectic menu you’d be hard pressed to not find something you like. With Christmas coming, it is also a wonderful place to enjoy an office party, with walls covered in baubles and a truly celebratory feel to the lively decor. Here MAV have put in Tulum-influenced house music, and cutting edge new electronic sounds, to match the Mayfair postcode and aesthetic, and keep 34 Mayfair sounding fresh and upbeat.

On the other hand, Balthazar – situated in Covent Garden – is an art-deco dinner and brunch hotspot with a French and American themed menu, delicious cocktails and high-ceilings, for that proper dining room atmosphere. For Balthazar we have taken the European notes of the decor, and the elegant overall style, for an inspired french, jazz and latin soundtrack, accompanied by widely loved classics from the likes of Nina Simone.

So long may our excellent relationship with Caprice Holdings continue!