Fari Islands Patina Hotel Group – Playlists in Paradise

The Fari Islands Hotel in the idyll of the Maldives is a stunning and ambitious project, that is built around different zones with varying themes to create a sense of journey and diversity to each customer’s stay. The plausibility of sending out multiple players during the pandemic to such a remote location was certainly a challenge, however we were able to deliver all six zones in time for their opening!

There were separate restaurants to cater for here, and two beach bars, each with a unique soundscape and distinctive feel. For instance, Koen – a highly stylized Japanese and Nordic fusion restaurant – is replete with contemporary jazz, jazz electronic and house numbers that encapsulate popular music in those respective countries and the simple, elegant presentation of the food. Whereas a trip to Roots brings an emphasis on rootsy, soulful music, featuring old school hip-hop, soul and blues. Later on, nights at the Fari Beach Club are filled with nu:disco, rare re-edits and balearic house, so a day at Fari Islands can be a truly musical and culinary odyssey.

Fari Islands Patina, is definitely one to keep an eye on when it comes to how music is incorporated into a consumer’s stay. There are plans to develop a music studio that artists can visit, and which will allow them to collaborate in this tropical paradise, and movements towards how technology can fuse with well-being in the hotel’s spa zone.

This all makes Fari Islands a compelling and exciting place to be involved with for music supervision, as it makes music an important part of the customer experience.