LCP Shopping Centres – Shop & Pop!

In 2021, MAV Music was able to make major inroads into exploring the retail market, and the LCP Shopping Centres are some of the most widely spread out and visited throughout the UK, including popular high street shopping, retail outlets and shopping centres.

Many of us will have walked through these spaces and it is exciting for us to be able to move outside of London with our musical offerings, as LCP focuses on local and convenience shopping areas, and they have one of the most extensive retail estates in the UK, with property from St Helens, to Newcastle and down to Wycombe!

For the musical profile we have tried to stick to well-known current and classic pop music, as well as fun motown and soul records, to give shoppers that much needed skip in their step when fatigue sets in. We were able to send out nine separate LCP sites within a week, and supported them through installation as well, and when Christmas came around, provided them and their customers with the perfect playlist!