Harrods Shanghai and Beijing – MAV Moves East

MAV’s first client in China came in 2021, following a trend in increasing expansion into the East Asian markets. This represented an important benchmark in our work, and a continuation of our relationship with the Harrods brand.

The exclusive retail store has been a long-running client of MAVs, and we have worked on fashion shows, parties and one-off events through the playlisting side of the business. For the Shanghai branch, we were able to get our new music players fully licensed and sent out the player in time for its grand opening, with multiple players across several zones within the store. Harrods Shanghai is the first permanent Harrods shopping space outside of the UK, so it is an honour to be asked to be part of this journey, which is expanding further into Beijing.

Musically, it was important to create a sense of brand uniformity, though through a new bar area we were able to expand the Harrods sound with electronic beats and house music that is both reminiscent of the original profile and also contains more worldly sounds influenced by the new locality.

It is a great time to be working with a brand like Harrods, known for so many years as one of London’s most exclusive spots, it is now taking its fashionable, tastemaker reputation around the world.