Luxury Hotels and Apartments: The Sound of your Stay

Further venture into the luxury hotel and accommodation sectors reaped rich rewards in 2021, with more clients in East Asia,  and Middle East, with multiple zones, restaurants and music briefs.

MAV were first contacted by Sunway Hotel in Kuala Lumpur to arrange a music profile for its reception and Gordon Ramsay restaurant, and were required to develop five new playlists to match differing dayparts and meals, based on image alone. We had seen the fantastic designs for a lush, bright and spacious lobby, with beautiful detailing, and knew this was a high-end client. We developed a sonic journey from motown breakfast, to a contemporary soul lunch, rare and acoustic grooves for afternoon tea, and contemporary pop and jazz house in the evenings, thus matching the mood in the restaurant to the changing atmosphere of the day.

We also began working with Jareed Hotels in Riyadh, and the Grosvenor House Suite apartments on London’s infamous Park Lane, and opposite Hyde Park. Both are highly modern, luxury spaces, and have varying combinations of gyms, restaurants and communal spaces, challenging us to create original soundscapes for each unique locale.

Our work with high-end hotels is a fantastic opportunity to flex our musical muscles, as we can curate music for different zones, that has to both sing together, but tell a story.