MAV and D&D: Proves to Be The Perfect Match

Our work with D&D expanded and evolved throughout the past year, with the introduction of new sites such as Fiume in Battersea, and East 59th in Leeds, to add to our continuing work with Klosterhaus and 14 Hills. The fantastic aspect of the D&D sites, and what makes them so enthralling to work with from a musical standpoint, is that they are also varied thematic spaces.

This year we also added Haugen to our D&D client base, a stunning, futuristic skiing lodge which is a winter wonderland full of fantastic fondue, saxophone brunches and delectable cocktails, which we infused with cutting edge contemporary sounds, and a sprinkling of rare MAV gold, to keep the ambience as cool as a morning mist over the alps.

We also welcomedFiume in Battersea to the MAV family, is an elevated, modern restaurant with a vibrant Mediterranean menu, from which we could elaborate by introducing an array of fun and enjoyable European sounds within the restaurant.

Each D&D site has a strong identity and sense of place, and the partnership has proven particularly fruitful throughout 2021, in spite of tough circumstances. In 2022 we will be introducing more music into their contemporary Japanese restaurant in Leeds, Issho and other D&D sites in the years to come.