MAV 2021 in Summary

2021 may have started as more of the same. However, looking back now, it represents the most drastic period of change for the company since we began 15 years ago. And whereas 2020 often felt like a period of stability and stagnation, 2021 has been a leap into the future!

In designing and developing our own technology, we have gained greater independence, with a user interface tailored for the MAV staff, and a hardware that works around the realities of our operation.

We made further in-roads into new sectors, particularly the luxury accommodation sectors, and retail markets, where we were enabled to think about music on a bigger and more conceptual scale than ever before. Whilst, in order to deal with increased sales and demand, our partnership with one of London’s leading tech companies has meant we have dedicated installation and tech support for all of our clients.

Ending the year with a plethora of exciting new business (Yatay pictured), and the largest number of DJ gigs we have ever had as part of MAV Live, was the perfect way to round off 2021!