JKS Group X MAV Music: Michelin Star Dining with Michelin Star Music

MAV Music’s Mikey Vettraino and the JKS Group’s pioneering chef and Michelin-Star magnet, Karam Sethi have been working together for over eight years. Beginning at his flagship Indian restaurant, Gymkhana, and continuing into Trishna, Sabor, and Brigadiers, these restaurants meet in a culinary paradise where classic Indian dishes and new cooking methods are fused together in an intoxicating atmosphere. Gymkhana, Trishna, and Sabor all retained their Michelin stars in 2022, and we can’t wait for the opening of their upcoming futuristic, multi-story food hall Arcade, where MAV will be supplying DJ talent through our live music agency and our usual flair when providing music for restaurants.

Karam’s latest collaboration with the ‘genius chef’ Chetan Sharma, is Bibi, a restaurant that furthers an identity of fresh British produce cooked in contemporary Indian arrangements. Sharma is a trained physicist and as such, the food has a scientific precision, with even the snacks being meticulously thought out. As with all JKS venues, the space is ornate, with crystal glass lighting, lush Rajasthani textures and polished woods that reflect the warm glow of the chandeliers.

The JKS Restaurants don’t play by the rules when it comes to cooking or design, so neither do we with our music supervision, and we make sure to match all of his restaurants with a distinct sound. At Bibi we have a blend of favourite old school hip-hop, contemporary soul and R&B numbers at lunch – to maintain a light and playful atmosphere – and in the evening bring through sexier, slower and more contemporary soulful hip-hop beats and grooves, to keep the vibe cool, familiar and unique.

We are extremely proud to be delivering music solutions to the gold-standard of London restaurants, alongside such influential and admirable characters such as Karam and Chetan, who never stop working or innovating until they achieve perfection.