MANTECA: Pasta Pioneers, Pigs Heads and Hip-Hop Perfection

Manteca is the brainchild of long-time MAV collaborator David Carter, with whom we have worked on cutting edge restaurant experiences at Smokestak, and super-Chef, Chris Leach, and as Jay Rayner’s recent glowing review states, it is a ‘bold and exciting’ restaurant with ‘verve and originality’. We have been working with Manteca since its inception, and it is now clearly a restaurant working at the very top of its game

Alongside Smokestak, Manteca is a restaurant that pushes the boundaries of contemporary cooking, featuring decadent and surprising variations on Italian foods. Manteca features oddities like Pig’s Head Ragu and a cacio e pepe, but with crab, which all taste sublime and unusual.

MAV’s music curation is just as diverse and inventive as the concept and food. We have six different playlists which change and alternate throughout the day in accordance with Manteca’s zenith and lulls, and they are composed of punchy upbeat African beats, hip-hop, disco and rare re-edits. The resulting soundscape is one that reflects the rebel spirit that is inherent to Manteca’s ethos.