Moving Forwards on Our Own: New MAV Technology and App

Throughout the beginning of the year, in collaboration with our manufacturers in Sheffield, MAV were developing new hardware and software, working together to create our own music player, user interface and catalogue stuffed with our favourite tunes. From this we could get ahead in music curation, send, develop and schedule for our clients on an independent basis for the first time. 

The new boxes follow in the MAV spirit of the hardware being an out of mind, out of sight music solution. They play to a pre-set schedule throughout the day, and the new box has improved Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to a sleek custom look. Of course, we also had to ensure they were safe, fully licensed, and could travel to our varying abroad sites too!

When restrictions lapsed between April and July, we successfully rolled out over 400 pieces of new hardware to our clients, and a new mobile application – MAV Control – followed. It allows for greater user control than ever before for our clients, giving them access to volume control, changing playlists depending on mood, visibility to the recent logs of the music profile – so they can see what that smashing new tune is – as well as multiple other useful features.

This was an immensely gratifying process, because we designed and developed something tailored to the MAV brand and requirements of the team. MAV can now run its business independently, allowing for improved freedom and flexibility of trade, and to the specifications of the task at hand. Music consultancy has now never been easier for MAV.