Arcade: Fun, Games and Delicious Food

This past weekend saw the opening of Arcade, a high-end, new-age food hall created and curated by our long-time collaborators JKS Restaurants and pioneer Karam Sethi. JKS have developed eight new food brands and an exquisite bar, with a focus on live music. MAV’s experience in music for restaurants played a key role, enabling us to develop several exceptional playlists to create a vibrant celebration of multiculturalism and helping to revolutionise what we expect from a food court. It is quite simply one of London’s hottest openings of 2022.

At Arcade you can get anything “from regional Thai curries to US-style smashed burgers and Middle Eastern shawarma”, all with authentic vendors inspired by the street food of their respective nationalities and cultures. There are a sprinkling of innovative and enjoyable features too, such as an old school games room, tuck shop, a separate mezzanine ‘plaza’ for entertaining, as well as a green room for the in store DJs, and these functions are all available for commercial and personal bookings.

A similar sentiment extends to the MAV in-house playlists as well, and we took the time to echo the varied food stalls with a concoction of world music, garage, hip-hop, and generally fun tunes to add to the eclectic atmosphere. Arcade has also foregrounded live music and DJs too, meaning every night of the week brings something new from a musical perspective. The focus is on choice and quality, meaning each visit to Arcade will be distinctly unique, but still a very good time indeed!