MAV Owner Mikey’s Favourite New Hotspots Summer 2022


Beach Clubs

El Silencio is one of the coolest new spots on the island. It is inspired by the Paris institution Silencio, and conceptualised in conjunction with Pharrell Williams and Jean Imbert’s ToShare, and is a stunning restaurant, bar and hang-out area on the western tip of Ibiza. Its situ, and airy, natural design, means customers are treated to stunning sunsets every night in a private idyll, and the aesthetic is one of a beautiful sea-sculpture shaped by the wind, sea and the bay itself. Jean Imberts food is bold, fresh and delicious, so you really can’t go wrong here.

Alongside El Silencio, Casa Jondal is another stunning, high-concept beach spot, with an array of spectacular seafood options to choose from. Resting in a quieter bay from its popular neighbouring Blue Marlin beach club, Casa Jondal is a cool spot replete with driftwood structures, cream woven parapets and wicker chairs, giving it a fresh nautical feel. Get here early and get comfortable, because you won’t be leaving till late. A quick thing to note is that you have to book Casa Jondal way in advance, because this place gets packed out.



The Six Senses hotel has been on my radar for a while and has generated some buzz on the island. On the very northmost tip, and in a stunning spot where white rocks meet a tranquil sea, the Six Senses is designed around wellness, relaxation, sustainability and spirituality. It offers a starkly different side of Ibiza than just a party capital, the island is a stunning balearic jewel after all. The Six Senses even has its own agricultural estate and olive press, harkening back to Ibiza’s past and local culture, and an extensive infinity pool to gaze wistfully from.



Club Chinois is a fond reminder of one of my clients in London, Park Chinois, a lavishly decorated 1930s Hong-Kong inspired space that is vibrant with DJs, aromatic food and the buzz of conversation. It is opening up in mid-June and if Park Chinois is anything to go by, these people know how to bring exciting live-acts and an exclusive feel to a venue.

Chidas, on the other hand, is a stylized, modern Mexican Taqueria with a fun, eat-on-the-street vibe. Set in a lively square in downtown Ibiza town and near the port of Evissia, Chidas has a spicy blend of mouth-watering food, great staff and impeccable cocktails, including the hangover-squashing, life-reviving ‘Ojo Rojo’. You’ll leave woozy with a sting of salty margaritas at the back of your tongue, a belly full of delicious food and a smile on your face. There are also weekly parties in the lounge by MAV premium DJ, Mr Doris, in the lounge for a hip-shaking good time.

Another client, the Cotton Sushi Lab located in central Ibiza Town, is an exclusive Japanese concept restaurant with a multi-sensory approach to Japanese cuisine. Not only does it serve masterfully presented incredible, fresh sushi, but it is a sleek, backstreet-Tokyo style venue where everything is made in-house. The kind of place usually reserved for hushed whispers and word-of-mouth.

Lastly, for foodies wanting a top tip, check out the dinner club Cuts and Wines every Wednesday at  Underground from June the 1st. Great vibes,  live DJs, a plethora of tasty Argentinian street foods, and local, organic wines, mixes for a heady and fun evening. Get in touch early because Johannes, the old cocoon boss, and the gang have limited covers.



Now to the reason we’re all here. A couple of great new spots for clubbing have opened up lately in Ibiza, including the much-talked about Hi Club. It is an intense, loud and excitable arena for high-energy electronic music and a few nifty tricks up its sleeve (including a WC disco) Plus, Damien Lazarus is hosting a club room there featuring his hand-selected guests, which are always a treat, and from Tuesday nights in June, the Martinez Brothers will be bringing their ever-energetic sounds and showmanship too. Understandably, there is a lot of anticipation for what the summer will bring to Hi.

And for those that love an after party, they should check out Keep on Dancing at Bora Bora, hosted by Leo and Fanny every Tuesday, where everybody will be for hours after the main party has ended. Find yourself chatting to everyone from professional DJs, club owners or that girl you saw dancing in the club. Line-ups have already included the likes of Richy Ahmed and Jasper James so far this year, so you can be rest-assured that the tunes will still pop.


The Perfect Stay in Forementera

For the perfect days in Forementura, the paradise away from the paradise, but where you can still have a damn good time, I’ve got a couple of tips. Forementera is renowned for its pure white sands, turquoise waters and for being a relaxing break away from Ibiza, and is a great way to end your trip, and Es Codal Foradat is definitely one of the premiere spots to eat. It has that kind of family-run, easy-going vibe that holidays are all about, and you can spend an afternoon here taking in the warm sun, scoffing on paella and enjoying a swim in the bay.

Casa Pacha is quickly becoming the choice spot at Forementera. It has the cutting edge design you’d expect from the Pacha brand, but with a more relaxed, beach house vibe. There are DJs in the evenings and for sunset, if you’re missing the Ibiza sounds and a Mediterranean restaurant you can while away the hours into the night with a glass of wine. Make sure you book in advance, and if you choose the superior sea view room, then you won’t be disappointed.