The Mandrake Hotel is a peerless, boutique hotel in the heart of Fitzrovia, with immaculate taste in art and an unmatched sense of exclusivity. Design is at the heart of what makes The Mandrake an exceptional stay. The courtyard is reminiscent of the hanging gardens of Babylon with plants climbing and hanging from bamboo terraces; the bar is imbued with fantastical colours, floral prints and an abundance of foliage; and the dining space is replete with sweeping textile sculptures and ornately painted ceilings. 

The Mandrake got in touch with MAV to supply bespoke music curation to five separate zones to fully take advantage of an extraordinary speaker set-up. We worked with an independent music curator in France to bring together a psychedelic, mystical and beautiful array of rare music that adds to the immersive sensory experience.

From a logistical perspective, we worked round the clock to import over three-thousand songs, tagged and faded individually, and then put them into their respective playlists. We were ready to go within the week. A monumental effort from the whole MAV team! If you are interested in Music for Hotels, please get in touch with the MAV team.