MAV is chuffed to have been further moving into the Northern territories in America, with new spots in Canada helping to further establish us as a global brand. This includes the newly launching Adrak-Yorkville in Toronto, Ontario, and it continues MAV’s long-standing relationship with pioneering Indian cuisine. 

The concept is inspired by both modern and traditional Indian food and design, with all chefs having been trained under Michelin-starred Chef Vineet Bhatia, a sign of elite quality and knowledge of the cuisine. Owner Ambica Jain, believes in imbuing all of his dishes and drinks with ‘the highest quality local ingredients’ and in-house spice blends, as well as utilising cutting-edge culinary techniques.

Adrak-Yorkville asked for a spicy blend of sounds and some Indian inflections within the music, which also includes instrumental hip-hop beats, world sounds, contemporary soul pieces and the unabashed inclusion of a pop playlist – for when Andrak chose to utilise it! And we wanted to keep Adrak’s music worldly and upbeat, so customers could be immersed in the unique rhythms and flavours of the restaurant. If you need background music for fine-dining in your restaurant, MAV is the boutique music concierge to contact!