GROUNDED COFFEE CO WITH TOP FLOOR MUSIC: MAV’S First Venture into the Coffee Market

We’re really excited to be doing the music for Grounded London, an elite brunch spot located in White Chapel which specialises in freshly sourced, organic coffee and produce. So whether you’re swinging by for a quick flat white or staying for a rich and delicious shakshuka, Grounded has you covered.

For the music brief we wanted to create a homely and recognisable environment, with some old fashioned New York diner appeal. As such, the MAV curators permeated the playlists with Ratpack and Vocal Jazz Classics, as well as more London-based contemporary soul and nu:jazz numbers, giving the sounds at Grounded a sense of the familiar and the new. In the evening we drift into more contemporary sounds, calming jazz house grooves and downtempo beats, to maintain some synergy throughout the day, but move away from that definitive brunch sound.