REVOLVE BRASSERIE: MAV Secures the Music for Bistro in the Heart of the City

Revolve Brasserie is a contemporary dining institution at 100 Liverpool Street, that aims to emulate the world-leading and cuisine defining traditions of both the food and styles of Paris and New York. The owners and founders – Tristram Hillier, Andrew Fishwick and Romain Pottier – wanted a lively bistro that served a traditional menu through the week, but then is available for ticketed chef experiences at the weekend, meaning a ‘revolving’ menu featuring some of the worlds most eclectic and leading chefs. The interior is decadent and reminiscent of mid-century Parisian dining rooms with modern touches, and at MAV we can’t wait to see what fresh culinary experiences the programmers will bring to our plates.

Because of the classic stylings and uptown feel to Revolve, we wanted to keep the music sophisticated, but not so complex as to take away from what you are there for, boutique dining and great conversation. As such the MAV curators developed a menu full of easy-listening classics, nu:jazz and soul, and French breakfast music, to maintain a sense of timelessness and class.