SA PEDRISSA: MAV Provides Peaceful Vibes at Rural Hideaway in Mallorca

Sa Pedrissa is an adults-only getaway in the serene hills of the Mallorcan countryside, featuring a stunning balcony surrounded by Tramuntana mountains, olive trees, the glistening Med and warm sea air. It is also near the stunning village of Deia, a lush, green hillside settlement bespeckled with terracotta tiles and cool white walls, and features a beautiful beach at its base. The Es Pi, by Marcel Ress, restaurant attached to the hotel features delicious tastes and produce from Mallorca, and the menu is developed by one of Spain’s leading chefs.

As such, MAV have developed a playlist that represents the serene and mature tastes of Sa Pedrissa and its clientele, with an array of stunning instrumental jazz, European ambient tracks and, appropriately, Balearic numbers. We wanted the soundtrack to have the same exclusive and private feel of the hotel itself, making Sa Pedrissa a spot that both stimulates and relaxes all of the senses.