For the past three years, MAV Music has provided background music for Wild Tavern in Chelsea, and our relationship has been going from strength to strength.

The Co-founders George Bukhov-Weinstein and Ilya Demichev recently launched Belvedere, a modern European dining in a grand 17th-century summer ballroom at the centre of Holland Park. Built between 1638 and 1640, Belvedere was originally part of the stables and coach house serving Holland House and Park. Skip forward to the 19th century, and stables it was no longer. Now, a splendid ballroom – complete with a viewing gallery, or belvedere – and orangery, created for the influential Henry Richard Fox, 3rd Baron Holland, and his wife, Elizabeth.

MAV was asked to create and develop the sound for this historic venue which is now open. We developed a series of playlists with an eclectic mix of Italian, Spanish, Cuban and French mellow and soulful music for you to enjoy.