Capella Sydney

The opening of Capella Sydney represents the first property in the Capella Hotels constellation to open outside of Asia. Synonymous with excellence in the craft of hospitality, Capella is a brand deeply committed to the curation of rich cultural immersion, ensuring every guest experience is personalised and unforgettable.

Mav Music has been working closely with the Capella group for the past 3 years, specifically with Patina Maldives resort, where we developed a series of curated playlists to suit each area of the resort. We also have been providing the resort with some of the best talent when it comes to resident DJs.

It takes a great deal of experience to create a soundtrack for a hotel that really works. Capturing the mood of different locations, different times of day, and different seasons it’s only possible with a vast knowledge of music.

With over 15 years in the business of working with clients in the hospitality industry, we sure know how to curate the perfect music for your brand.