Dusty Knuckle Bakery

MAV Music are excited to introduce you to Dusty Knuckle, a bakery and cafe now gracing Dalston and Harringay.
MAV were drafted to craft bespoke playlists that resonate with Dusty Knuckle’s unique ambience. From reggae rhythms to soulful melodies, hip hop beats and R&B classics, each track was handpicked to complement the customer experience at Dusty Knuckle.

However, Dusty Knuckle is more than just a haven for your taste buds and ears. Their remarkable youth program extends a helping hand to young individuals who’ve faced adversities, offering training and mentorship opportunities for a brighter future.

Make sure to swing by Dusty Knuckle soon and immerse yourself in the symphony of flavours and sounds. We’ll see you there!