MAV Strengthens Partnership With Capella Hotel Group in Bali!

MAV Music has joined forces with Capella Ubud, the luxurious tented retreat in Bali’s lush wilderness. This exciting collaboration has brought the magic of music to Capella Ubud’s enchanting setting, enhancing the experience for guests in unprecedented ways.

Capella Ubud, celebrated for its immersive jungle ambience, has enlisted MAV Music to craft tailor-made playlists for various resort spaces. The playlists, meticulously designed for the front desk, gym, and multiple restaurants and seating areas, seamlessly blend the harmonies of nature with the resort’s charm.

Initially working with Capella Hotel Group to provide music for their site, Patina Maldives, situated in the Fari Islands, our partnership has expanded to include their hotel in Sydney and eventually to Capella Ubud, where we took over from a previous supplier.

Nestled amidst Bali’s captivating jungle, Capella Ubud beckons guests to embrace adventure and indulge in the natural splendour surrounding them. The resort’s collaboration with MAV Music elevates this experience, adding an auditory dimension to the lush surroundings. We look forward to seeing you in the Jungle soon!