MAV Music trusted by JKS Restaurants at new site, Arcade Battersea

MAV Music is chuffed to continue its collaboration with JKS Restaurants, providing music for Arcade Battersea, a vibrant food hall and bar celebrated for its embrace of street market culture.

Building upon the successful collaboration at Arcade’s Tottenham Court Road site, MAV Music has continued to enrich the dining experience at Arcade Battersea through the artful curation of playlists.

Arcade Battersea, known for its diverse culinary offerings and global influences, has tapped into MAV Music’s expertise to create bespoke playlists that resonate seamlessly with the venue’s dynamic atmosphere. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of 25 unique playlists, spanning genres such as jazz, funk, hip-hop and even movie soundtracks, all meticulously designed to enhance the ambience and provide a memorable backdrop for guests.

The partnership between Arcade Battersea and MAV Music is closely aligned with the venue’s mission to offer an all-encompassing and engaging dining environment. As a global food and drink destination, this collaboration underscores Arcade Battersea’s dedication to providing visitors not only with exceptional cuisine but also a truly unique and immersive experience.