MAV Music broke a silence as old as the store when we first introduced into the Conran Shop in 2012. With a long standing reputation as the best design-led store in London, getting the music right was crucial for Conran.

We worked closely with the creative team behind the brand, getting to know everyone from the head buyer through to the chief creative officer, in order to establish a sound that was worthy of the Conran name. 


Since then we have continued to work closely with the group, using changes in the music as a tool to reflect the younger, more dynamic audience Conran are now engaging with.



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Conran Spotify Playlist
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Cutting edge indie and cool electronica


Alternative pop


MAV Gold & Remixes



MAV Music have provided an adaptive soundtrack for Conran, evolving with the different moods and concepts the store has taken on, including bespoke playlists for each of their legendary Christmas themes. Our current offering is entirely comprised of music produced post-2000 and plays across their sites in London and Paris.


The MAV Music team composed a series of atmospheric sound design pieces to be played in Conran Marylebone as part of marketing campaign. This music was completely unique to Conran Shop and helped to reinforce the brand’s reputation for attention to detail.


MAV Music have called on our roster of DJs to provide the perfect sound and atmosphere for a number of special events at the Conran stores.

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