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Anyone who has been to a D&D site knows they pride themselves on unique and epic locales that differentiate them from the competition. Our work at Klosterhaus in Bristol and 14 Hills – in Central London – has been a fantastic experience for the MAV team.

14 Hills has remarkable panoramic views of the city, a superb attention to detail, floral surroundings, and high-end cocktails and food. As such it is a popular post-work hangout space above the city where you can watch the sunset from the rooftop garden or through the floor-to-ceiling windows, chat business and chew the fat. While the delicious cocktails and complex, modern British menu, make 14 Hills perfect for any special occasion.


Klosterhaus, on the other hand, is German themed restaurant and bar situated in a renovated, iconic old Quaker building in Bristol. It is the brainchild of Head Chef’s Bjoern Wassmuth and Rhys Grayson, who have developed a range of menus based around Mittel-European and German cuisine.


The building is located slap-bang in the middle of Cabot Circus, perfect for people visiting this fantastic city for the day, and whether you arrived at the break of day or towards the end, there is great food and drink to be enjoyed. The restaurant features an extensive weekend brunch selection, and throughout the rest of the week a menu replete with simple twists on German and English classics.


The bar – a destination of its own – serves a variety of ambitious and unique cocktails to tantalise the taste buds. This is all set within a stunning room with sweeping balustrades and beautiful art deco lighting and design at its core. So whether you’re dropping by for a drink or settling down for dinner… ‘prost!’



Rare Grooves


Pop & Nu:Jazz


Instrumental & Hip Hop



For both Klosterhaus and 14 Hills we have created unique playlists from scratch in order to match separate dayparts and events. With Klosterhaus we utilised their aesthetic and setting for more bombastic, european inspired music, whereas 14 Hills’ prettier sounds reflected the panoramic views and removal from the city. This includes some classic upbeat modern pop and nu:jazz in the day, along with hip-hop instrumentals, and for the evening, more obscure, melodic house tunes with worldly flavours.

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