The island of Ibiza is a music lovers paradise, and any self-respecting business on the island knows that having the right soundtrack is absolutely non-negotiable.

The renowned Hotel Es Vivé has a rich musical heritage stretching back over the years, and after regularly being named as the best place to stay on the island, decided they needed the music to match.


It’s fair to say the Es Vivé team were pretty pleased with MAV’s selection – with constant positive feedback from guests who wanted to take the music home with them. Following this we worked with them to create an online radio station so guests can do just that.


The station has gone from strength-to-strength, attracting 800k listeners in two years and helping the hotel draw new guests from all over the world.


As regular visitors to Ibiza the hotel soon became one of the MAV team’s favourite haunts, and our involvement increased further when we worked with the team at the Es Vivé to provide opening parties in 2016 and 2017, bringing live DJs and artists to the Experience Bar and Rooftop.


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Es Vivé Radio



MAV Music moved into the world of online radio in tandem with the Es Vivé team. The station has been a phenomenal success since, drawing listeners from almost every country on earth, many of whom have chosen to make the pilgrimage to Es Vivé after becoming fans of the station.


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Ibiza Classics



One of the reasons Ibiza is so revered among music fans is the eclectic and open-minded attitudes prevalent on the island. With that in mind, MAV Music worked to create a diverse soundtrack which touches on everything from avant-garde experimentalism through to the season’s biggest club hits. With playlists for Breakfast, Day, Sunset, Evening and After Dark, we got to dig deep into our collections to create a diverse and exciting soundtrack.


Es Vivé radio has grown leaps and bounds since it’s launch. Reaching over 800,000 listeners in 56 countries across the globe, the station is a testament to the quality of the music at Es Vivé, and helping the hotel to establish itself as a lifestyle brand.


DJs and live acts were booked by MAV to celebrate the re-opening of the hotel in 2016 and 2017, seeing in the new trading year for the Es Vivé with the likes of Ibiza legend Derek Dahlarge, and newcomer Lisbon Kid playing alongside MAV Music residents.

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