Widely regarding as being London’s best gym, the team behind KX wanted a more hands-on approach to their music solution, as well as the deftness of touch required to provide a coherent soundtrack for their multiple zones, which range from gym to restaurant to spa.

The gym zone enjoys a MAV Music twist on the classic hi-energy gym sound, with a series of bootlegs, edits and rarities rubbing shoulders with current chart hits and dance classics. As one of London’s best spas, generic spa music needed to be avoided so we carefully picked through the deeper side of ambient music to create a sound that was both relaxing and interesting. Finally for the restaurant we created a fresh, healthy-feeling sound which also worked in the reception.



KX Gyms Playlist
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We rolled out the units and soundtrack for KX in a timely and professional manner, quickly adapting to the various briefs and changes of tempo required to keep a busy high-end gym up to speed.

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