Patina Maldives


The Fari Islands Hotel in the idyll of the Maldives is a stunning and ambitious project built around different zones with varying themes to create a sense of journey and diversity in each customer’s stay.

Patina Maldives, Fari Islands – a rare multi-faceted haven – is the first expression of Patina Hotels & Resorts built around different zones, with varying themes to create a sense of journey and diversity throughout your stay.


Each beach bar and restaurant boasts a unique soundscape and distinctive feel. Koen is a highly stylised Japanese and Nordic fusion restaurant where you can enjoy contemporary jazz, electronic jazz and house music popular in those countries.


The plant-based restaurant Roots features old-school hip-hop, soul and blues. As day turns into night at the Fari Beach Club, sounds of nu: disco, rare re-edits, and Balearic house can be enjoyed, resulting in an amazingly musical and culinary odyssey.


Fari Islands Patina is proving not just to be a stunning holiday destination but a sonic paradise, full of musical creativity, possibilities and, of course, a MAV Hotel Soundtrack.




Hip-Hop & Soul




nu: disco & rare re-edits





Patina has a unique soundscape and distinctive feels throughout. Selections have been carefully made to match the intended vibe around the different areas of the hotel, featuring contemporary jazz, old-school hip-hop, blue, nu: disco, and Balearic house.


MAV was commissioned to develop a music studio at the Fari Islands resort, where renowned artists from around the World can come to record their latest albums and singles. We have already begun planning the studio with our audio partners, which will be in keeping with the highest standards in music production and sound, and we know the finished product will be something special.


MAV Founder, Mikey Vettraino, completed his first four-week residency last February, bringing in a new age for MAV Live. We are now supplying DJs to the Maldives for monthly residency. We are ensuring that these DJs have the audience engagement, crowd-pleasing bangers and Balearic sunset jams to hit the mark every night and experience as resort DJs. Another feather is on the MAV cap, at Patina Fari Islands, where we already have six separate zones of music.

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