The O2 Arena


MAV Music has worked with the AEG O2 Arena since 2012, providing music to the walkway, foyer and several members-only lounges within the arena.

MAV Music were first brought in to enhance the musical offering in the Amex and Barclay’s lounges – spaces exclusive to VIP guests and special events which needed a soundtrack to match. We worked closely with the team at the o2 to create a range of moods suitable for the wide variety of shows which take place at performance at this world leading venue.


The o2’s customers loved our playlists and after customers regularly requesting to know just what that song was, MAV Music were asked to expand our offering to the public areas of the arena. We were delighted to curate a further six playlists which now play in the foyer and walkway upto the arena from North Greenwich station, both before shows and in the day time as guests visit the many restaurants and bars at the o2.


Like for the lounges, we created a range of playlists to give the venue the flexibility to always cater to their audiences – whether that is a rap, hip-hop, pop, sports or family event. We love working with the o2 and hearing the music we’ve picked always makes going to shows there even better!


Hip-Hop and Rap


Pop Classics




Music Supervision

As well as the mentioned music profiling, we rolled out each system for the various zones within the site quickly and by utilising online updates, we can keep each profile fresh and flexible.


We teamed up with the AMEX Lounge to provide a wall of touch-screens with our partners SecretDJ. This increases guest interaction with the music as they select their favourite tracks from the O2 Arena jukebox during special events.